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801 Toland St,

San Francisco, CA


Modern Fabrics

1504 Camden Rd #300,

Charlotte, NC 28203

(704) 740 9676


Discount Fabrics

2170 Cesar Chavez,

San Francisco, CA 94124

(415) 630 2407



A great non profit resource for creatives. You can find fabrics donated from large upholstery shops, and all kinds of items to get your creative juices flowing.

Modern Fabrics is a great online resource for high quality textiles and fabric design. They have an extensive collection of reclaimed interior textiles, and focus their selections around designer textile companies including Maharam, Pollack and Sina Pearson.


Discount Fabrics is a warehouse filled with every type of fabric imaginable. There are locations all around San Francisco and East Bay. The prices are affordable and they offer a large selection, but you will need time & patience while you search for that perfect fabric.

Another great online resource for a range of upholstery fabrics

Here are links to Resources you might find helpful as you research retail fabric choices, and other materials in your upholstery projects.


Please also check out the Services page, to see the fabric houses for whom I am a dealer - these are designer fabric suppliers to the trade only, and I may be able to help you choose fabrics suitable for your project from these as well.


A great company if you are local to San Franciso. They have tools, supplies, foam, batting and more



Upholstery Supplies



3320 18th Street,

San Francisco, CA 94110

(415) 552 6220


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