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Sue Green

Furniture Re.designer

CCSF Extension Instructor

Board Member for SCRAP, SF

I started crafting when I was 10 and have never stopped. As an adult I redirected my creative energies by working in the kitchen & interior design industry, but was always drawn back to being a 'maker'.  More than a decade ago I began taking evening classes to learn the trade of furniture upholstery, and embarked on a satisfying, career journey.

As a newbie I focussed on finding pieces of furniture destined for landfill that had terrific lines, and developed my skills and personal style teaming the pieces with unexpected fabrics to give them a second life. Each piece had it's own challenges, and was truly unique. Take a look at the Blog Archives on this site where I share a couple of my favorites !

For a time, I brought newly made pieces to market at some of our wonderful Bay Area flea market venues. Some of you reading this may have met me (and hubby Dave) in our stalls at Treasure Island Flea Market or the Alameda Point Antiques Faire.  But I was soon struck by the realization that I loved the customer interaction these markets gave me, and craved the challenge from discussing unique furniture issues with people, and working with then to come up with solutions. 


So I shifted my focus to custom re-upholstery work, working directly with my clients, and have not looked back. I enjoy being able to bring their family treasures back to glory again.

Lastly, I discovered my passion for teaching. Evening classes at City College of San Francisco, and my awesome teacher Simon, gave me space to assist my fellow upholsters in class.  I liked teaching so much, that I created a Workshop for the CCSF Extension program which I taught in the Spring of 2020: "Introduction to Upholstery: How to make a sprung ottoman".

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