Here are a few historical BLOG posts I wrote during my early exploration of upholstery. I hope you find them entertaining. I've also shared links to a few other Blog rolls that I follow and find interesting. 


March 19, 2016


What would you be ? Would you be a very tired looking dusty pink vinyl chair with brown painted wood, or would you be a perky Mid-Century Modern chair with gleaming oak and a colorful print ? I know what my choice would be.

Meet the fabulous Rhoda - a born again chair who is looking for a new home. Gone (after a great...

January 17, 2016



I grew up in England with parents who were born just before World War II. For their entire childhood and as a young married couple they lived in a world where "make do and mend" was an everyday mantra and way of life. In our current world of plenty, we have to a great extent forgotten how to repair or remake the ite...

January 3, 2016



"There was a showgirl, her name was Lola...."


This is an exciting moment, my first blog post on my new website (courtesy of my stellar tech guru, husband Dave). I hope to share with you some of the pieces that I have re.designed and the process that goes into the re.creation.


I've been thinking about where...

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