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REDO RENEW - A New Way to look at your Furniture


Welcome to Redo Renew !

Have you got a cat that likes to sharpen her claws on your furniture ? Or a dog who drools and shows his love by laying his head next to you on your favorite couch ... ? Or perhaps those special friends who love red wine, and the stain to remember them by ? How about sagging arms on that comfortable armchair, or even sofa cushions where you could swear you're watching TV from 6" lower than you used to be ... and it hurts when you stand up ! 

Well, you are not alone ! Stuff happens day-to-day and our beloved items of furniture take a beating; not only that, our tastes change too. The fabric we've looked at and loved for years, may just not be appealing any more. Time for a change !

So what to do ? Well, in this throw-away society, one obvious path is to head off down to your local furniture retailer and buy something new, consigning your old faithful friend to the scrap heap. Yet another contribution to the landfill ... Noooo !!

I hope that as you peruse this site, you'll see that there are environmentally friendly re-upholstery alternatives when you get the urge for a change. And that you choose the best of both worlds:  to keep those special pieces of furniture with memories & sentimental attachments, and to give them a new lease of life through re-springing, new foam, beautiful fresh fabric choice and more. 

I have a deep passion for up-cycling and creative reuse and hope you learn to love them too.

I had three chairs in my house, one for solitude, two for friendship, three for society

- Henry David Thoreau

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